Carrie Seifert

As a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certified Strength Coach, I have a special interest in Therapeutic Exercise and Wellness. After graduating from James Madison University, with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I have devoted the last 20 years to training various elite athletes (Women’s Volleyball and other rotational sports), instructing Physical Therapy patients as a Therapeutic Exercise Trainer and providing personalized Strength Coaching, while continuing my education as a student of Craig Liebenson known for the “First Principles of Movement”. My objective now is to transfer my learning and experience to benefit those facing mid-life challenges through posture and core strengthening techniques, providing awareness how our mind influences the way our bodies work and move. To this end, I have launched Transformative Training (TT), LLC.

I obtain better results than most trainers due to my attention to detail and a science-based approach (as published in Lancet and other professional journals). Working with Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center for 5 years, my clientele shifted to those approaching or already in retirement. Applying many of the same techniques as before I quickly observed my older clients engaged and enjoying being in touch with their “inner athlete”. Blending traditional teaching and cutting-edge core activating techniques, TT provides a multi-pronged instructional philosophy that helps people live more fulfilling lives with less pain, through sustainable, posture-based exercise.  

The foundational elements of TT described to the right, are Posture and Core, complemented by the 4 pillars of Balance, Strength, Mobility and Mindset—Posture and Core+4. 

Transformative Training Delivery 

My approach to TT enables the effective use of multiple delivery platforms that include:  Independent Online Courses, Online Courses with Personal Support, and Individualized Personal Training.  Available Courses and Exercises are available on

All programs and exercises are based on Posture and Core development.  By strengthening your body from the inside- out, a solid foundation is created.  This success-based, training tactic provides clients with greater advances in fitness while experiencing fewer setbacks. Following are some elements of my personal philosophy that will make TT successful for you.  

  • Some exercises focus solely on balance, every course contains exercises to improve spatial awareness. 

  • Your foot mobility is important! TT offers a Foot Activation sequence that will leave you amazed at the improvement after one session.

  • Training the body to work as one unit in building strength lessens strains on joints and tissues.

  • Small modifications make clients feel more proficient with their exercises and daily movements.

  • Resilience is born in the Mind, and it needs stimulation to welcome change.  Educating and reassuring clients by providing tools such as mindful meditation and positive affirmations are a daily practice.

TT will improve your outlook and your enjoyment of life by increasing your strength and enabling greater mobility.  You will see positive changes with each workout.  

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